Monday Mess | 2

Last week, I shared the purpose of these installments on my food journal, and I shared my first mess. I don’t want to just share a physical mess, I want to share mess ups. This week I’m sharing a thought I’ve been having and it’s not just something I do, it’s something we all do. It starts with this question.¬†growup

Seems like an innocent question doesn’t it? As soon as kids start conversing, we start talking about jobs and what they should be. When I meet a kid, to strike up a conversation I usually ask them this question. From the youngest age, we get them thinking about working. I started thinking about how much of my identity I have wrapped up in working. Usually when we meet someone, we ask them what they do. It’s so strange to me, and I may not have this idea fully fleshed out, but why? I just came out of a very unhealthy relationship with my work life. It consumed me, it consumed my thoughts, my time, my health, and I didn’t know when to stop. I still am struggling with it, I think we all have a sense of struggle when it comes to work.

I believe in Jesus. I believe our identity should be found in Christ, and I realize that’s not an idea everyone can agree upon. However, we can all agree that our work doesn’t make us. I think some of the most depressing moments of my adult life are because my work wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s not what I wanted to be doing to make money. Granted, it’s not something I would think I would ever be doing, and I’m grateful for it. I just think those low moments have come from expectations not being met.

I’ve decided instead of this question, I want to ask, “When you grow up, what kind of person do you want to be?” And not just when you grow up, maybe what kind of person are you now? I don’t have kids. I don’t know how deep of a question this actually is for a 6 year old, but I think it’s a valid question and a better suited question. The kind of person we are deals with our character. Our character is what is important in a job, at least in the jobs I’m in. It’s what I look at. Often times in the work places I find myself in, I feel like I have a influential voice when it comes to behind the scenes decisions, and I always reference someones character.

I think if we start to think in terms of who we want to be instead of what we want to do, our perspectives will change. Jobs aren’t consistent, so why make that who we are and how we introduce ourselves?

When I grow up, I want to be the type of person that has integrity, is humble and kind; I want to speak with confidence and wit. I want to be silly and laugh. I want to be real and raw, and I want to be honest. And more importantly, personally, I want a life that is marked by Jesus.

So the question for you is, What kind of person do you want to be when you grow up?

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