Hello! My name is Amanda and this is my virtual space called Saying Something Clever.

Saying Something Clever started out as a tribute to my love for inside jokes. The saying has stuck with me since high school, and it just has become such an appropriate response for me when someone is wondering how to respond to certain situations.

I’ve been married to my gentleband for four years, and we’re expecting a tiny human in 2018! I’m originally from the Midwest, but have found myself in the South unable to leave for almost the past decade.

I enjoy food that takes time with ingredients that make you feel good about buying. I’m an introvert who can be extroverted, and I crave real conversations. I love made up jokes, but I want a person to be honest about who they are.

This space is a public account of me tredging through life through words, food, and processing all the changes that happen as days turn into months and those months turn into years.