Monday Mess | 1

I spent last week trying to figure out how to create more content for this little place I call mine in this series of tubes. I can’t always create something, because this isn’t my full time day to day. This was something created for myself to have an outlet to push my creativity, my knowledge of food, and create items I wanted to create. I follow a lot of other food bloggers, and there’s a lot of behind the scenes questions I have. I always go back and forth on how I feel about social media. I often feel like we should always stop being so fake and be more honest, but then when people are too honest I get annoyed that they didn’t keep something so personal to themselves. Sometimes there are real things in life that need to be shared, and sometimes there are intimate moments that are meant for just the people around them, not the world. I think there is a way to do it and I’m going to attempt to share my messes and mess ups with you. I always wish that the food bloggers I follow would should more beautiful images of the things that just aren’t what they were wanting or show me a sink full of dirty dishes from a blog post you published a few days before. I want them to be more human and I want you to portray me as human. And you know what humans do? They mess up.

Here is a mess of mine. I’m starting out in a corner of the house that isn’t that bad because there are only a few things on the table. This is the room in the house where I take all of my photos at. It’s a tiny room in my house that I love so much. It’s filled with windows and it’s so white. What you don’t ever see in photos is me sweating, because all those windows and a Florida summer don’t go hand in hand. The table is covered in knicks and gray scratches from sliding dirty hot baking sheets across it. The marble slab is out with kiwi peels stuck to it because I was too lazy to pick it all up after getting one Instagram shot. The flowers were already dying when I bought them but they were so pretty and they were local. Not only do I need to throw away the flowers, I need to really get rid of the water that they’re sitting in. Nastay. What’s the poppy seed over the whole table? Oh, that’s not poppy seed, that’s dead flower seeds or something from the flowers. We’re also featuring Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender cleaning spray and a paper towel. I just cleaned up the marble slap, not the rest of the table. Paper bag has some peaches I want to do something with later this week, Brew Dr. Kombucha’s Clear Mind flavor is also on the table. This was my first time trying this one. I usually get Super Berry. I like this one though, can’t say I’m getting a clear mind though. This flavor also did trigger an idea- Kombucha smoothie – has this been done before? Scissors? Who knows what those are there for. The floor underneath? I have no idea when we cleaned it last, so it’s featuring cat hair tumbleweeds.

My house isn’t always messy, but lately it has been. Like I said, I personally just want to read more about this, so I thought I’d start it. I thought I’d throw out my mess with edited images to you guys. DSC_0085 DSC_0087

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