Black Sesame Banana Bread

I love the simplicity of banana bread. I also love the way a whole banana sliced looks on top of bread. It really gives me heart eyes on a sweet treat made in an instant. I like to be honest in this space I have on the internet. I read too many blogs that make me feel inadequate because of a persona they put on. I want them share their dirty kitchen and how they ruined something; they got lazy and didn’t care for their cast iron skillet. I want those. This bread almost didn’t happen because I was frustrated with previous recipes I had done during the day. I had traveled to my friend’s house to bake all day in her kitchen. Everything I was doing wasn’t meeting my expectations, and it was getting late. I told her not to worry about this last one, we could just hang out now. Morgan finally said, “well I can make it.” I gave her the recipe and she started whipping it up. It’s nice to be reminded that food is intended to be shared. Not just in the finished product, but also in the process.

All images by Morgan Burden. bananaDSC_1720DSC_1727

Want to make this banana bread? Click here! The black sesame looks very pretty but I wish it added a little bit more flavor. I’ll do this recipe again for sure, so simple and tasty.

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