Sometimes my job demands I work for 3 weeks straight and I expect it when I know it’s coming but working 3 weeks is not the optimal time to make a lot of home cooked meals or even healthy meals. I did, however, get to eat a lot of traditional ramen this time around. I’m definitely not complaining about that part. I kept saying how desperately I wanted to eat just a ton of veggies. I was thinking what exactly I could have. Ratatouille came to mind. Chefsteps has a great recipe for it and since they were so gracious to talk about my pancakes I decided to celebrate with another one of their recipes.IMG_4854IMG_4850

There are many reasons I love French cuisine but one of them has to be even the easiest dishes sound fancy. Not only sound, look fancy. This dish is vegan, gluten free, and so simple. I was honestly worried that wouldn’t have enough flavor because the simplicity of the dish. I forget that real natural ingredients taste so delicious on their own. We ate this as the main course but it’d be fine with a lean meat on the side. You do not have to feel bad about eating alllllll of this meal in one sitting.IMG_4852IMG_4848IMG_4849

what you need to do
visit Chefsteps page! The video is so easy to follow that I should not spend my time writing it here.

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