Hello World

I have both a like and a distain for food blogs, or really any blog. I want you to be honest and real, but not obnoxious and over share. There are certain things in life that are meant to be a memory stored behind your eyelids and only yours to project when they’re closed. There are other times where you’re too surface level and fake, and honestly, I hate it. I’ve confirmed this past year that I am by far an introvert. I mentally prep myself for conversations with others and I lose energy in large social settings. If we’re going to meet up, it’s usually over coffee or food. There’s a comfortability and a vulnerability when you share a meal. Even more so when it’s a meal you’ve personally made and invited others to your dinner table. Saying something clever has been a lot of things for me in the past decade, and now it’ll serve a different purpose: a purpose of challenging myself and growing in an area no one told me about – when you’re 18 and supposed to know what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.

I’m not a chef. I’m not a baker.I didn’t go to any type of school. I google everything. I try and try and try and I think you should too. If not with food, then with something else you’re passionate about – unless you’re passionate about murder, don’t keep trying that. I like my food with meaning and with my gentleband. I like my dining room table and I take photos of food I make on it.

I want to be honest with you and show you that behind every beautifully set table, there’s a girl who looks nastay because there’s no ac vent to the kitchen and dishes that are so dirty you wonder which past meal the smell is coming from.

As my gentleband built to test out the site, “hello world” is meant to illustrate the beginning, and to test if a code is working. So… hello and stay if you want.


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