Roasted Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Scones


I recently had the opportunity to interview a handful of people who were interested in baking in a kitchen. Interviews are always weird; I never know what exactly to ask while avoiding creating too cliche of an interview. I think interviews go both ways. It’s an opportunity not just to see if the employer finds […]

Almond Butter Rice Crisps


A couple of months ago, I had a strange craving for rice krispies treats. This is strange to me, because I didn’t grow up eating them, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually made them. Is that weird? Well, I knew that there were marshmallows in it, and sometimes store bought marshmallows freak me out. I […]

Caramel marshmallows and Omnom Chocolate S’mores


This journal entry is loooonnnng overdue. There’s so many things I want to say, but I just want to word vomit it all over so I think I should break it down. First, I know what time of year it is. S’mores happen in the fall. It’s almost March. Well, I want to live in […]

Love Cookies? Well, Give Them!


I’m not a Valentine’s Day person, but I am a cookie person. This year, I’ve decided to sell a box of my brown butter muscovado sugar chocolate chunk sea salt cookies (the longest named cookie ever). I’ve made them a handful of times and always share. One of the best descriptions I’ve received about them are […]

Sunset Pink Ombre Cake


I know I’m not active on this like I originally wanted to be when I started. Life got busy and I got stressed, so the thought of adding personal interests to my plate was out of the question. I planned to start the year moving slower. I drastically cut my work life down to very […]

Stir-Fryday on a Tuesday


I desperately wanted this post to happen on Friday, but my site went down. 🙁 I have been soooo busy. Last week I did not get a day off and I worked a 12 hour shift one day and another day I worked 14 hours. Where’s that wide-eyed emoji? I busy myself, it’s my fault. […]

Odang Udon


I have been in my tiny kitchen making a ton of baked goods. So I’ve taken a break from sweets to share noodles with you, but don’t worry! Tomorrow, I’m back to doughnuts! I saw Odang on Honeysuckle’s blog a few months ago. I watched her video and was so wanting udon afterwards. I typed […]

Matcha Macarons


It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared on here, honestly it’s been quite some time that I logged into my food journal. I had 58 spam comments. They are really sneaky. You think it’s a real person, truly caring about what you’ve done only to read again and realize how generalized their comment is. […]

Crippled by Pizza


I like making sweet but I love eating savory. I have so been looking forward to a post that isn’t a baked good. Well, I guess the dough is a baked good. Anyways, you know what I mean. For my gentleband’s birthday he got a grill. He had been researching this grill forever! We finally […]

Black Sesame Banana Bread


I love the simplicity of banana bread. I also love the way a whole banana sliced looks on top of bread. It really gives me heart eyes on a sweet treat made in an instant. I like to be honest in this space I have on the internet. I read too many blogs that make […]