Salmon Meunière – The Legend of Zelda


Today is a true honest post on here because I’m going to have my gentleband share a recipe. Why is it a true honest post? Well, because he is more of the cook in our household. I work in the food industry, and sometimes, actually often times, I come home and just need to lay […]

Cold Brew


Oh my Lordy, isn’t it hot out? Heat and I don’t always mix well together. My poor gentleband has to feel my impatience when I’m hot and living in Florida; it happens quite often. Every summer, I ask him why we still live here. I love where we live, I just can’t get over why […]

Monday Mess | 2


Last week, I shared the purpose of these installments on my food journal, and I shared my first mess. I don’t want to just share a physical mess, I want to share mess ups. This week I’m sharing a thought I’ve been having and it’s not just something I do, it’s something we all do. […]

Muscovado Cardamom Peach Galette


Summer time means peach season is upon us. I grabbed a small paper bag and filled it with peaches while in the produce section of one of my favorite markets. I smelled the bag and was thinking how lovely the smell of peaches is. I think that anything peach scented does an injustice to this […]

Monday Mess | 1


I spent last week trying to figure out how to create more content for this little place I call mine in this series of tubes. I can’t always create something, because this isn’t my full time day to day. This was something created for myself to have an outlet to push my creativity, my knowledge […]

Roasted Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Scones


I recently had the opportunity to interview a handful of people who were interested in baking in a kitchen. Interviews are always weird; I never know what exactly to ask while avoiding creating too cliche of an interview. I think interviews go both ways. It’s an opportunity not just to see if the employer finds […]

Almond Butter Rice Crisps


A couple of months ago, I had a strange craving for rice krispies treats. This is strange to me, because I didn’t grow up eating them, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually made them. Is that weird? Well, I knew that there were marshmallows in it, and sometimes store bought marshmallows freak me out. I […]

Caramel marshmallows and Omnom Chocolate S’mores


This journal entry is loooonnnng overdue. There’s so many things I want to say, but I just want to word vomit it all over so I think I should break it down. First, I know what time of year it is. S’mores happen in the fall. It’s almost March. Well, I want to live in […]

Love Cookies? Well, Give Them!


I’m not a Valentine’s Day person, but I am a cookie person. This year, I’ve decided to sell a box of my brown butter muscovado sugar chocolate chunk sea salt cookies (the longest named cookie ever). I’ve made them a handful of times and always share. One of the best descriptions I’ve received about them are […]

Sunset Pink Ombre Cake


I know I’m not active on this like I originally wanted to be when I started. Life got busy and I got stressed, so the thought of adding personal interests to my plate was out of the question. I planned to start the year moving slower. I drastically cut my work life down to very […]